How To Use The Education Tax Credit To Put Green Technology On School Buildings.

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This site is not about – Climate Change, Agenda 21, sales for the solar industry, secret UN plots, union busting or expansion, stealing money from other sources, boosting or attacking political parties or political figures or saddling schools with extra budget burdens. <b>It is just a good idea that deserves more than a passing thought.</b> Please read the site and consider how your community can benefit from this idea. If you would like, ask your school to have a look.



Who wrote this website?


We are a collection of NY parents who believe the powers in Albany haven’t considered the promising green educational aspect of this bill.  We hold no particular political point of view.  We don’t work for any solar company or government entity, nor are we man-made climate change types. The Albany area has ocean fossils… climates do change.

For us, the financial numbers of this bill along with the power of “crowd funding” and the current sustainable energy subsidies make this idea a winner. The more money you give towards your local schools and their green STEM projects, the better the educational experience will be while simultaneously providing financial breathing room for districts to perhaps support their arts, sports and music programs a little more. That and oh yeah… cleaner air for everyone.

Frankly, it is very rare to see a bill that has the potential to allow everyone to give themselves a pat on the back in so many different ways. Even if it doesn’t pass, hopefully the ideas expressed here can spark some innovative funding and approaches to a problem that isn’t going away.

The main problem identified in every government agency document reviewed for this website is that the current funding climate could not justify the expense for schools. The budgets are simply too tight as education gets more and more expensive. Crowd funded donations via this bill has the potential to remove this barrier.  In any case…

Our checkbooks are waiting to make a charitable donation for a meaningful change in local education, this economy and the environment. Please consider the opinions expressed here when making a choice to call Albany for more information.


If you really must contact somebody, fill out the form below. For now, my green future is mowing an overgrown lawn. Take care NY.


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