How To Use The Education Tax Credit To Put Green Technology On School Buildings.

Crowd funding a STEM related MicroHydro project with the education tax credit

NY has been blessed with water. Small or MicroHydro power systems have the ability to wipe out a school’s electricity needs and provide an outstanding STEM education experience for students.  Depending on the local conditions, 1-100 kw turbines should cost between $1,500-$60,000. Construction of a small building to house the needed equipment and the student viewing area would be required. Daily stream conditions and weather patterns affecting production could be studied remotely by the same children who will inherit the project as adults.





If you are worried about the environment, Microhydro plants or “low impact” hydro is described as :


Low impact hydro, a form of hydropower that minimizes negative impact on the environment, is increasingly being used as an alternative energy source. These smaller scale hydropower systems can be installed in small rivers or streams with little or no discernable environmental effect. GreenpowerEMC (This website has no affiliation with GreenpowerEMC)




Microhydro is a viable and low cost solution to a perpetual educational expense.


If your school is located near a stream or owns property that contains a stream, parents may “crowd fund” the project  while providing students with a STEM related hands on education. Your community may also join together with other districts in a shared situation if stream availability is limited. There will be permits involved. Learn more about possibility of MicroHydro systems from the US Dept of Energy.


YouTube is loaded with real people from all over the world generating MicroHydro power using small streams, a few pipes, and some wiring. Below are a few videos offering information on products and services, this website is not affiliated with any company in these videos or ads that may appear.



This small business owner installed his 12kw system for around $85,000.  Please play pay attention to the small size of the building.



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