How To Use The Education Tax Credit To Put Green Technology On School Buildings.

Crowd funding a STEM related 25kw solar panel kit under the education tax credit.


With the education tax credit, community members could crowd fund a $30,000 25kw solar panel kit that will arrive complete with monitoring software, mounting materials, instructions and everything else needed for operation. These kits may be sourced online from a wide variety of suppliers.

According to PV watts, a 25kw kit can produce 32,000 kwh per year. It is capable of powering several small homes.

Depending on site conditions and utility costs the system would save $3840 each year or $57,600 in 15 years. Any installation cost can be offset with existing subsidies and incentives.


Students would follow a rigorous, high tech STEM curriculum.

Courses such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering,, and Computer Programing and Software can all utilize an onsite solar energy system safely for classroom education. –NYC Dept. Of Education


Schools may even wish to involve students in the installation process (with proper safety precautions).

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